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Contraception & Birth Control Specialist

Old Farm Gynecology

Gynecologist & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon located in Salt Lake City, UT

Choosing a contraception and birth control product is a highly personal decision, and today, there are many options. Old Farm Gynecology offers women in and around Salt Lake City, UT, the broadest array of birth control and contraception choices so each woman can select the method she's most comfortable using.

Contraception and Birth Control Q&A

What types of contraception and birth control are available?

Birth control options include birth control pills, diaphragms with spermicides, IUDs and arms implants. Tubal ligation is another type of birth control designed to permanently prevent pregnancy. Although some tubal ligations can be reversed, the procedure should only be considered for women who are done having children.

How can I decide which type of birth control is right for me?

Multiple birth control options mean women can choose an option that's best for their needs, their lifestyle and their comfort levels. Some options like IUDs and arms implants may be more convenient, but birth control pills are more familiar, and diaphragms are often preferred by women who want to use birth control only when having sex and not on an ongoing basis. Women should discuss their needs frankly during their office visit to ensure they select the method that best suits them.

How is a diaphragm fitted?

A diaphragm is designed to fit snugly over the cervix to prevent semen and sperm from entering the uterus and traveling to the eggs. Diaphragm fitting is performed in much the same way as a pelvic exam. First, a speculum will be used to gently widen the vaginal canal so the cervix can be accessed. Then different sizes of diaphragms will be “tried on” the cervix to find the best fit. Once the diaphragm is fitted, the speculum will be removed and the patient will have an opportunity to insert the diaphragm to ensure they feel comfortable using it. Diaphragms should be used with spermicides, special foams or gels designed to kill sperm, in order to improve their efficacy.

Is it safe to take birth control pills long-term?

Yes, today's birth control pills use very low levels of hormones that are effective enough to prevent pregnancy while still keeping the risks associated with hormone medications very low, so women can continue to enjoy the efficacy and convenience of birth control pills without worrying about significantly increased the risk of complications.